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ContentLion - Open Source CMS

Concept "Open CMS"

Open Source means, that the source code is free, but where are the benefits? Sure, you can edit the code but what after an update? The problems will come. Joining an existing project? Not so easy as it sounds. The most project are developed in fix team, so the entering needs much time.

What we need is a content management system, where you can change things easly without touching the core functions. In addition you should be able to solve your problems easly. From this thought, ContentLion was created in a german blog. Every step was published from the beginnig and everybody can comment the changes. Important things were voted with the readers.

It was possible, to create a CMS, that was developed with the user, not just for the user. The result: ContentLion. It is structed, that you can extend it easily.

The open development had another nice effect: The source code was tested by many readers. So we can give you a relative stable environment for your website.