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ContentLion - Open Source CMS

Create skin

With an own skin, you can design ContentLion the way you like it. Have a look to /system/skins. Every skin has it's own subfolder. We decided, that the skin is written in PHP, so that you can make small customizations direct inside the skin.

Generally there are different types of skins: normals, mobile and skins for the backend. But don't feat, it's all the same for developers. It's just a setting in the backend, where the user can decide, which skin is visible for which situation.

It's similar for us, how the structure of your skin is. While displaying, we load the index.php of your folder, where the HTML- and PHP code stands. We provide different things for you to access the elements of ContentLion. The important functions for you are in the singleton class sys.

Html header

We have to access the html header, to integrate JS oder CSS files. For this reason, you have to implement this function at the end of your head:

<?PHP sys::includeHeader(); ?>


 The most important part of the page is the content. Use this snippet to show it:

<?PHP sys::includeContent(); ?>

Global and local navigation

You can use as much menus as you want. But most sides use two kinds of navigation: A global navigation to access the main areas and a local navigation to navigate inside each area. To display both kinds of menus, use this code:

  //Globale Navigation
  //Lokale Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation

A breadcrum navigation shows the user the was back to home. It uses the field "Owner" on page edit.

Here's the code:

  sys::displayBreadcrumb(" -> ","breadcrumb","bc");