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Menu manager

Instaed of static categories we thougt, that it would be better to create menus directly. In this way is it possible to create more than just menu or use different menus for different user roles.

All menus are listet in the Dashboard. After installation you have just the main menu in the list. You can edit it's entries.

Menu management

Types of menu entries

There are three different types of menu entries.

Internal Page

This is a page you created with ContentLion. You should use this type, if possible, because if the name is renamed, the menu entry changes automaticly.

External Page

You have to use this type, if you want to link to a page outside from your cms.


If you chose this type, you can create a submenu. This has to be supported from you skin.

Local Menus

Local menus are menus that aren't visible on every site. That is a special menu you can chose, when you edit a page.