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ContentLion - Open Source CMS

Create a text page

Textpages are "regular" pages, which are known on the web. There we have text, images an maybe videos. You will spent the most of time in ContentLion, by creating and editing pages. So we tried to make this as comfortably as possible.

To create a new site, you have to use File>New>Page. As page type "Textpage" is correct here. The title has to be a summary of the page in a few words. We automaticly generate a url for this site, feel free to change this.

New Page

After creating, you can fill your page with content. For a textpage, html knowledge is not required.

Edit Page

On the left side you can change the title, url and content. The input field is a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). You may know this kind of environment from your office tools.

In the sidebar, you just have to change the rights, to publish the site. Just choose the user groups, you allow to see the page.